PlatonicMassage is the most modern, mobile friendly, quality website available today catering to the fast growing niche of people looking to meet up with others, to give and or receive a massage.

We assume that most webmasters visiting this page already know from experience that promoting generic dating sites, is no match for super niche sites designed to help people meet other people based on a ONE specific niche or interest.The beauty of this site is that it delivers incredible results to both its members AND to the affiliates.

While we don't expect every webmaster to be able to relate or grasp every niche, it is important to remember that many markets that we do not understand fully are still incredibly successful. We identified a need for this market after observing people painfully using regular message boards and outdated sites in an attempt to secure a platonic massage. We built a solution to solve a major need, and our success is proof of just that.

Smart webmasters spot an opportunity early on and test their traffic with it. The pricing model and structure of the site is designed to convert, retain AND give the members an incredible solution.

Depending on the payment plan the member chooses your payout can be anywhere from $12.50 recurring a month to approximately $34 - $49 one time payout. We use CCBill this way you know the statistics are real time and the payments are weekly.

Once you signup you can start promoting right away. We are here to help you with anything you may need. Just contact us and we will get back to you quickly.